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              Company profile

              Shanghai Bronkow Chemical Co.,Ltd. was founded and developed on the base of Shanghai Jinshan Chemical Co.,Ltd. in 2009, located in the Shanghai Fine Chemical Industry Park. The product s are manufactured by international advanced "PRESS" ethoxylafion/propoxy lation fogging spruying reaction facilities with capacity of 60000 tons annually. The company employs many high & middle-ranking technical engineers for research and development.

              We persist in the running viewpoints of “Quality for living, innovation for developing”. The company has passed the certification ISO9001:2008 quality system,and is devoting to transfer itself imto a learning mode system,even into a innovating-mode organization,to promote realizing such strategy ,as bronkow chemical will be a international brelnd of real global suppliers.

              We shall meet the requirement of all kinds of the customers with our high-quality products, advanced & reliable technology, and best service. Adhering to a principle “coming from market and going to market”, Welcome warmly clients at home and abroad to cooperate sincerely with us.

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              Tel: +86-21-57268899 Fax:+86-21-67268568
              Add: No.88 Chuangtong Rd,Jinshan Industrial ZoneⅡ,Shanghai
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